“Diagnostics of Things”

What’s Wrong With (www/) is a diagnostic discussion series where the progress makers, boundary pushers and creative leaders discuss and diagnose problems in various fields and industries.

www/Cities NYC Edition held at Pratt Institute

Encouraging both conversation and action, 100% of profits of www/events go to non-profit organizations that do progressive and proactive work towards solving the discussed problems. Each www/topic has a different non-profit partner, this way www/ aims to expand the support to all who work hard  to make progress in this world.

What’s Wrong With Fashion Panel: CFDA, Refashiond, Two Blind Brothers and Open Style Lab


www/ is created by Eray/Carbajo, an international architecture and design studio based in New York and Istanbul. In line with their mission to develop concepts that solve urban, social and environmental problems, the studio brings the process of conceptual research to a public discussion, encouraging a collaborative research and diagnosis through honest and constructive discussions.